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       martian-modem - userspace utility for DSP 164x Agere Mars linmodem.


       martian-modem  is  the userspace utility that creates all the necessary
       devices for applications to connect with the modem.

       It has been daemonized for  Debian  by  the  maintainer  for  practical
       reasons.   Even  though  this  daemon  requires  multiple configuration
       parameters, defaults *has everything* set for most users  requirements.

       You can find these settings in ’/etc/defaults/martian-modem’.

       Do  not  modify  any,  unless you are experiencing problems or you know
       what you are doing.

       For more information, check ’/usr/share/doc/martian-modem’.


       /etc/defaults/martian-modem, /etc/init.d/martian-modem


       Dererk   <>  This  manpage  was  written  by  Dererk
       <> for the Debian project.