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       maidag - the mail delivery agent


       maidag [OPTION...] [recipient...]


       GNU maidag -- the mail delivery agent

              General options

       -d, --daemon[=NUMBER]
              runs in daemon mode with a maximum of NUMBER children

              remain in foreground

       -f, -r, --from=EMAIL
              specify the sender’s name

       -i, --inetd
              run in inetd mode

              operate in LMTP mode

              log to standard error

       --url  deliver to given URLs

       -x, --debug=FLAGS
              enable debugging

              Scripting options

       -l, --language=STRING
              define scripting language for the next --script option

              use this header to identify messages when logging Sieve actions

       -s, --script=PATTERN
              set name pattern for user-defined mail filter

              Sieve options

              clear Sieve include path

       --clear-library-path, --clearpath
              clear Sieve library path

       -I, --includedir=DIR
              append DIR to the list of directories searched for include files

       -L, --libdir=DIR
              append DIR to the list of directories searched for library files

              debug authentication functions

              Common options

       --config-file=FILE, --rcfile=FILE
              load this configuration file

              show configuration file summary

       --config-lint, --rcfile-lint
              check configuration file syntax and exit

       --config-verbose, --rcfile-verbose
              verbosely log parsing of the configuration files

       --no-site-config, --no-site-rcfile
              do not load site configuration file

       --no-user-config, --no-user-rcfile
              do not load user configuration file

              show compilation options

              Global debugging settings

              set Mailutils debugging level

              show source info with debugging messages

              print license and exit

              output logs to syslog FACILITY

       -M, --mailer=MAILER
              use specified URL as the default mailer

       -?, --help
              give this help list

              give a short usage message

       -V, --version
              print program version

       Mandatory  or  optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or
       optional for any corresponding short options.

   Debug flags are:
              g - guimb stack traces t - sieve trace (MU_SIEVE_DEBUG_TRACE)  i
              -  sieve  instructions  trace  (MU_SIEVE_DEBUG_INSTR)  l - sieve
              action logs 0-9 - Set maidag debugging level


       Report bugs to <>.


       The complete GNU mailutils manual is not available  in  Debian  systems
       due  to  licensing  reasons. You can find this manual online in the GNU
       mailutils webpage:
       Please note this manpage was  automatically  generated  by  the  Debian
       mailutils  packagers.  Do  not  file  bugs  for  its content to the GNU
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