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       log2mail  runs  as a daemon matching patterns in files and sending mail
       if a match occurs


       log2mail [-N] [-R] [-l] [-f config-file]

       log2mail -V

       log2mail -h


       log2mail is configured by a config file (see below).  It  matches  each
       line  added  to  a  given file against patterns for this file and sends
       mail  to  a  named  recepient,  if  the  pattern  matches.  Because  of
       limitations  to  the  select()-system  call, log2mail scans files every
       second. Log2mail waits a number of seconds before it’ll send a message,
       and  if this specific pattern is matched again, it waits another number
       of seconds, specified like the first one in the config file.

       log2mail runs as a daemon  (if  started  without  the  -N  option,  see
       below).  In daemon mode, log2mail logs using the syslog DAEMON facility
       (/var/log/daemon.log in Debian).


       -h     display a short help and exit

       -V     display version information and exit

       -N     do not fork into background, log to STDERR

       -l     write a log entry for every mail message sent

       -R     read directory recursive in config dir

       -f config-file
              use config-file instead of the default  /etc/log2mail.conf.  You
              may  specify  a  directory  instead  of a file: All files in the
              directory will  be  read  (without  reasonable  exceptions,  see
              source).   See log2mail.conf(5) for a description of the format.



       a message template file


       To increase the amount of information printed by log2mail, compile with
       the DEBUG option (see source code).


       Michael Krax <>


       regex (7), log2mail.conf (5)