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       lnewusers - Create new user accounts


       lnewusers [OPTION]...


       Creates new user accounts using data read from standard input.

       The  input  data  consits  of  lines,  each  line has 7 colon-separated

       User Name

       Plaintext Password

       User ID
              lnewusers refuses to create users with user ID 0 (the root  user

       Group  If  this field is a valid group ID, it is interpreted as a group
              ID, otherwise as a group name.  If the field is empty,  a  group
              name equal to user name is used.

              If  the  specified  group  does  not  exist, it is automatically
              created.  If the group is specified with a group ID, the created
              group has group name equal to the user name.

       GECOS  The  GECOS field is traditionally used to store user’s real name
              and other information.

       Home Directory
              If  this  field  is  empty,  a  default  specified  by   libuser
              configuration,  or  /home/username if libuser configuration does
              not specify a default, is used.

       Login Shell
              If  this  field  is  empty,  a  default  specified  by   libuser
              configuration is used.

       Errors  in user specifications are reported and processing continues on
       the next line.


       -f, --file=file
              Read account data from file instead of standard input.

       -i, --interactive
              Ask all questions when connecting to the user database, even  if
              default answers are set up in libuser configuration.

       -M, --nocreatehome
              Don’t create home directories.

       -n, --nocreatemail
              Don’t create mail spool files.


       The  exit  status  is  0 on success, nonzero on fatal error.  Errors in
       user specifications are not reflected in the exit status.