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       lat_rpc - measure interprocess communication latency via Sun RPC


       lat_rpc -s
       lat_rpc [ -P <parallelism> ] [ -W <warmups> ] [ -N <repetitions> ] [ -p
       tcp|udp ] hostname [ udp|tcp ]
       lat_rpc -S hostname


       lat_rpc  is  a  client/server  program   that   measures   interprocess
       communication  latencies.   The benchmark passes a token back and forth
       between the  two  processes  (this  sort  of  benchmark  is  frequently
       referred  to  as a ‘‘hot potato’’ benchmark).  No other work is done in
       the processes.

       This benchmark may be compared to the TCP and UDP  forms  of  the  same
       benchmark  to  accurately  see the cost of using RPC versus the cost of
       using plain old TCP or UDP sockets.  It is worth noting  that  the  RPC
       form is passing back and forth a single byte, not some long complicated

       lat_rpc has three forms of  usage:  as  a  server  (-s),  as  a  client
       (lat_rpc localhost), and as a shutdown (lat_rpc -S localhost).

       The  client  form  may  specify  the  protocol  over which the RPCs are
       performed.  The default is to measure performance for both udp and tcp.


       The  reported  time  is in microseconds per round trip and includes the
       total time, i.e., the context switching overhead is includeded.  Output
       format is like so

       RPC/udp latency using localhost: 1344 microseconds
       RPC/tcp latency using localhost: 2089 microseconds


       Funding   for  the  development  of  this  tool  was  provided  by  Sun
       Microsystems Computer Corporation.




       Carl Staelin and Larry McVoy

       Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome.

(c)1994 Larry McVoy                 $Date$