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       knopwatchd  -  "FwKnop Watch Daemon" checks to make sure knopmd, knoptm
       and fwknop daemons are running.


       knopwatchd [options]


       knopwatchd checks on an interval of every five  seconds  to  make  sure
       that  knopmd, knoptm and fwknopd are running on the box.  If any of the
       three daemons have died, knopwatchd will restart the daemon and  notify
       each  email  address  listed  in  the EMAIL_ADDRESSES variable that the
       daemon  has  been   restarted.    knopwatchd   uses   the   fwknop.conf
       configuration  file  which by default is located at /etc/fwknop/, but a
       different path can be specified on the command line.


       -c <config-file>
              Specify path  to  config  file  instead  of  using  the  default
              configuration file /etc/fwknop/fwknop.conf.

       -D     Dump  the  configuration  values  that  knopwatchd  derives from
              /etc/fwknop/fwknop.conf (or other override files) on STDERR.

       -h     Display usage information and exit.

       -O <config-file>
              Override config variable values that are normally read from  the
              /etc/fwknop/fwknop.conf  file  with  values  from  the specified
              file.  Multiple override config files can be given  as  a  comma
              separated list.


       fwknop(8), fwknopd(8), knopmd(8),


       Michael Rash (


       fwknop  is  distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and
       the latest version may be downloaded from