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       kas_stringtokey - Converts a character string into an octal key


       kas stringtokey -string <password string>
           [-cell <cell name>] [-help]

       kas str -s <password string> [-c <cell name>] [-h]


       The kas stringtokey command converts the character string specified
       with the -string argument into an octal string suitable for use as an
       encryption key.

       The kas command interpreter generates the octal key by using an
       encryption algorithm on the combination of the specified string and the
       name of the local cell (as recorded in the local /etc/openafs/ThisCell
       file). Use the -cell argument to convert a string into a key
       appropriate for a cell other than the local one.


       This command writes the key to the standard output stream, on which it
       can possibly be intercepted by third parties. It is not very secure to
       use the key in an actual Authentication Database entry.


       -string <password string>
           Specifies the character string to convert into an octal key.

       -cell <cell name>
           Specifies the complete Internet domain name of the cell to combine
           with the password string while generating the key. If this argument
           is omitted, the kas command interpreter determines the name of the
           local cell by consulting:

           ·   First, the value of the environment variable AFSCELL.

           ·   Second, the cellname in the /etc/openafs/ThisCell file on the
               local machine.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options
           are ignored.


       The output is of the following form:

          Converting I<password string> in realm 'I<cell_name>' yields key='I<key>'.


       The following example shows the octal key equivalent of the string
       "new_pswd" in the ABC Corporation cell.

          % kas stringtokey new_pswd
          Converting new_pswd in realm 'ABC.COM' yields


       None, and no password is required.


       ThisCell(5), kas(8)


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