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       kas_listtickets - Displays all of the issuer’s tickets (tokens)


       kas listtickets [-name <name of server>] [-long] [-help]

       kas listt [-n <name of server>] [-l] [-h]


       The kas listtickets command displays the associated user ID (AFS UID),
       cell name, and expiration date of some or all of the issuer’s tickets
       (tokens), depending on which options are provided:

       ·   To display all tokens, provide neither the -name argument nor -long
           flag. The output is similar to that of the tokens command.

       ·   To display a single token, provide the -name argument to specify
           name of the Authentication Database entry for the entity that
           accepts the token. All AFS server processes accept tokens sealed
           with the key from the "afs" entry.

       ·   To display in addition the octal numbers that constitute the token
           and session key, provide the -long flag.


       -name <name of server>
           Names the Authentication Database entry of the entity (usually a
           server process) that accepts the token to display.

           Displays the octal numbers that constitute the session key and

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options
           are ignored.


       The output reports the AFS UID of the user who owns the token, the
       service (usually, "afs") and cell for which it is valid, and its
       expiration date, using the following format. If the message does not
       specify a cell, the ticket is for the local cell.

          User's (AFS ID <AFS UID>) tokens for <service>[@<cellname>] \
              [Expires <date>]

       If the -long flag is provided, the output also includes the octal
       numbers making up the session key and token, along with the key version
       number and the number of bytes in the token (if the number of bytes is
       not 56, there is an error).

       If the marker "[>> POSTDATED <]" appears instead of an expiration date,
       the ticket does not become valid until the indicated time. (Only
       internal calls can create a postdated ticket; there is no standard
       interface that allows users to do this.)


       The following two examples are for a user with AFS UID 1020 in the
       "" cell and AFS UID 35 in the "" cell. He is working
       on a machine in the first cell and is authenticated in both cells.

          % kas listtickets
          User's (AFS ID 1020) tokens for afs [Expires Wed Mar 31 9:30:54 1999]
          User's (AFS ID tokens for \
                    [Expires Wed Mar 31 13:54:26 1999]

          % kas listtickets -name afs -long
          User's (AFS ID 1020) tokens for afs [Expires Wed Mar 31 9:30:54 1999]
          SessionKey: \375\205\351\227\032\310\263\013
          Ticket: (kvno = 0, len = 56): \033\005\221\156\203\278\312\058\016\133...


       None, and no password is required.


       kas(8), tokens(1)


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