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       inndf - Report free disk, inodes, and overview information


       inndf [-Fhi] [-f filename] directory [directory ...]

       inndf -n

       inndf -o


       inndf was originally a replacement for "df | awk" in innwatch.ctl(5)
       and innstat(8), and now also reports various other usage information
       about INN’s storage that df(1) doesn’t understand.  inndf doesn’t sync,
       forks less, and is generally less complicated than df(1).

       Its default behavior is to report free kilobytes (not disk blocks), or
       free inodes if -i is used, in the file systems holding the directories
       given on the command line.  (A kilobyte in this case is 1024 bytes.)
       If only one directory is given, the output will be a simple number; if
       more than one directory is given, the output will be formatted for
       human readability.

       If enableoverview is set to true in inn.conf, inndf can also be used to
       get information about the overview database.  With the -n option, it
       reports a count of the total number of overview records stored.  With
       -o, it reports the percentage of space used in the overview database
       (for those overview methods where this is meaningful data).


       -f filename
           filename should contain a list of directories to use in addition to
           those given by the arguments, one per line.  Blank lines and
           anything after "#" on any line are ignored.

       -F  Like -f except that the filename is pathetc/filesystems and it is
           not an error if this file doesn’t exist.  (This option is used
           primarily by such things as innstat(8), so that the news
           administrator can add additional file systems to check to
           pathetc/filesystems without having to modify the script.)

       -h  Print a usage message and exit.

       -i  Report the number of free inodes rather than the amount of free
           disk space.

       -n  Report the total number of records in the overview database.  Note
           that crossposted articles will have one overview record for each
           newsgroup they’re posted to.

       -o  Report the percentage usage of the overview database space.  This
           is only meaningful for overview methods that pre-allocate a certain
           amount of space rather than grow to accomodate more records.
           Currently, this flag is only useful for the buffindexed overview


       Print the free kilobytes in pathspool as a simple number:

           inndf <pathspool in inn.conf>

       Report the free inodes in pathnews and pathspool in a format designed
       for human readability:

           inndf -i <pathnews> <pathspool>

       The same, but also add in all file systems in pathetc/filesystems:

           inndf -i -F <pathnews> <pathspool>

       Print out the number of overview records and the percentage space used
       by a buffindexed overview database:

           inndf -no


       inndf was written by Ian Dickinson <>.  This manual
       page was written by Swa Frantzen <>.  Thanks
       also to the following folks for ports, patches, and comments:

           Mahesh Ramachandran <>
           Chuck Swiger <>
           Sang-yong Suh <>
           Brad Dickey <>
           Taso N. Devetzis <>
           Wei-Yeh Lee <>
           Jeff Garzik <>

       and to all the other folks I met and worked with during my 10 years as
       a newsadmin.

       Katsuhiro Kondou added the -n and -o options.  Russ Allbery added
       reporting of percentage free disk space.  Support for -f and -F was
       added by Fabien Tassin <>.

       $Id: inndf.pod 8232 2008-12-14 17:05:57Z iulius $


       df(1), innwatch.ctl(5), innstat(8).