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       ifplugstatus - A link beat detection tool


       ifplugstatus [options] [INTERFACE]


       ifplugstatus  is an utility which may be used to detect the link status
       of a local Linux ethernet device, much in the same way  mii-diag,  mii-
       tool  and  ethtool  work.  In fact it supports all three different APIs
       these three tools use. In addition it supports link checking  with  the
       IFF_RUNNING  interface  flag,  which  most  modern  drivers  (not  only
       ethernet) support, and association status checking  with  the  wireless
       extension API for WLAN devices.

       The APIs are tried in the following order:

       First the newest API: SIOCETHTOOL (aka ethtool API)

       Second the next older API: SIOCGMIIREG (aka mii-diag API)

       Than the WLAN API: wireless extension (aka iwconfig API)

       Followed by the cleanest API: IFF_RUNNING (aka ifconfig API)

       The  oldest  API  (SIOCPRIV aka mii-tool API) is not tested since it is

       ifplugstatus may be used in shell script since it returns  the  current
       status as return value. It is especially useful to detect the available
       APIs on the used network driver. (Option -v)


       You may specify an ethernet  device  on  the  command  line.  Otherwise
       ifplugstatus will check all available network interfaces.

       -a | --auto
              Enable interface automatically before querying (default: off)

       -h | --help
              Show help

       -q | --quiet
              Decrease verbosity by one. If the verbosity is < 0, no text will
              be shown, only the return value is relevant; if the verbosity is
              =  0,  a  terse  status  will be shown; If the verbosity is > 0,
              detailed information about the used API is returned. (By default
              the verbosity is 0)

       -v | --verbose
              Increase verbosity by one. See option -q.

       -V | --version
              Show version


       0 Success

       1 Failure

       2 Link beat detected (only available when an interface is specified)

       3 Unplugged (same here)


       ifplugd  was  written  by  Lennart  Poettering <mzvscyhtq (at) 0pointer
       (dot)        de>.        ifplugd        is         available         at


       mii-diag(8), mii-tool(8), ethtool(8), ifplugd(8)


       This man page was written using xml2man(1) by Oliver Kurth.