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       idmap_adex - Samba's idmap_adex Backend for Winbind


       The idmap_adex plugin provides a way for Winbind to read id mappings
       from an AD server that uses RFC2307 schema extensions. This module
       implements both the idmap and nss_info APIs and supports domain trustes
       as well as two-way cross forest trusts. It is a read-only plugin
       requiring that the administrator provide mappings in advance by adding
       the POSIX attribute information to the users and groups objects in AD.
       The most common means of doing this is using "Identity Services for
       Unix" support on Windows 2003 R2 and later.

       Note that you must add the uidNumber, gidNumber, and uid attributes to
       the partial attribute set of the forest global catalog servers. This
       can be done using the Active Directory Schema Management MMC plugin


       The nss_info plugin supports reading the unixHomeDirectory, gidNumber,
       loginShell, and uidNumber attributes from the user object and the
       gidNumber attribute from the group object to fill in information
       required by the libc getpwnam() and getgrnam() family of functions.
       Group membership is filled in according to the Windows group membership
       and not the msSFU30PosixMember attribute.

       Username aliases are implement by setting the uid attribute on the user
       object. While group name aliases are implemented by reading the
       displayname attribute from the group object.


       The following example shows how to retrieve idmappings and NSS data
       from our principal and trusted AD domains.

                idmap backend = adex
                idmap uid = 1000-4000000000
                idmap gid = 1000-4000000000

                winbind nss info = adex
                winbind normalize names = yes


       The original Samba software and related utilities were created by
       Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open
       Source project similar to the way the Linux kernel is developed.