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       hisaxctrl - configure HiSax-Module


       hisaxctrl DriverId command parameters


       hisaxctrl  is used to setup the HiSax-ISDN device driver.  All logging-
       output is sent to the device /dev/isdnctrl.  So  you  can  show  it  by
       executing cat /dev/isdnctrl.
       NOTE:   for   devfs   systems,   the  program  will  automatically  use
       /dev/isdn/isdnctrl if available.

       The use of hisaxctrl only makes  sense  if  you  are  using  the  HiSax


              is  used  to  identify the card when using more than one passive
              card. While loading the hisax module with  insmod,  or  modprobe
              the  DriverId is set by appending id=idstring1%idstring2%...  to
              the commandline.

              is an integer selecting the setup category. The following values
              are  defined  for  setting  the  logging-level of the HiSax-ISDN
              device driver:

               0 reports card status infos.
               1 selects generic debugging.
              11 selects layer 1 development debugging.
              13 selects layer 3 development debugging.

       the following commands are  used  to  enable  special  features  during
       runtime of the HiSax-ISDN device driver.

               2 set B-channel ON delay to parameter (in ms)
               5 set B-channel in leased mode
               6 set B-channel in TESTLOOP mode
               7 set/reset card in Point To Point mode
               8 set card in FIXED TEI mode
               9 load firmware for DSP cards
              10 set B-channel usage limit to 1 or 2 channels
              12 set echo logging mode (only for some cards)
                 B-channel usage limit needs to be 1 if enabled

              If  the  command is 9 then the parameter is the full pathname to
              the file containing the firmware.

              For debug settings this is an integer  representing  a  bitmask.
              Every  bit  in  this  mask  switches a debug facility on or off.
              Depending on the selected category,  the  following  values  are

              With generic debugging selected
              (command 1):

              0x001 Link-level <--> hardware-level communication
              0x002 Top state machine
              0x004 D-Channel Q.931 (call control messages)
              0x008 D-Channel Q.921
              0x010 B-Channel X.75
              0x020 D-Channel l2
              0x040 B-Channel l2
              0x080 D-Channel link state debugging
              0x100 B-Channel link state debugging
              0x200 TEI debug
              0x400 LOCK debug in callc.c
              0x800 More debug in callc.c (not for normal use)

              With layer 1 development debugging selected
              (command 11):

              0x001 Warnings (default: on)
              0x002 IRQ status
              0x004 ISAC
              0x008 ISAC FIFO
              0x010 HSCX
              0x020 HSCX FIFO (attention: full B-Channel output!)
              0x040 D-Channel LAPD frame types

              With layer 3 development debugging selected
              (command 13):

              0x001 Warnings (default: on)
              0x002 l3 protocol discriptor errors
              0x004 l3 state machine
              0x008 charge info debugging (1TR6)


       hisaxctrl HiSax 1 0x3ff
              enables full generic debugging.


       © 2000  by Karsten Keil <>


       isdnctrl(8), isdn_cause(7), isdninfo(4).