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       gpt-pkg - Creates flavored binary packages out of an installation


       gpt-pkg [options] packages


            -verbose                          Print copious output
            -help                             Print usage
            -man                              Print man page.
            -version                          Print GPT version.
            -native                           Create native pkgs as well as GPT pkgs (RPMs only).
            -all                              Archive everything in the package directory..
            -installdir=PATH                  Override $GLOBUS_LOCATION
            -pkgdir=PATH                      Directory to put the packages
            -rpmprefix=PATH                   Absolute path encoded in the RPM.
            -buildnumber=NUMBER               Build number used for pgm_static packages
            -rpmlicense=LABEL                 License Label added to the RPM header
            [packages]                        List of packages to be archived


       gpt-pkg Creates binary packages from an installation.  The installation
       needs to contain GPT packaging data files. An installation is created
       by running gpt-build on a collection of source packages or bundles.


       Installed files such as executables that are found in pgm and
       ptm_static packages will overwrite one another when multiple flavors of
       the same package are built by gpt-build. To preserve multiple flavors
       of these files, gpt-build copies them into flavored subdirectories.
       For example, the program $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/foo will be copied into
       the location $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/gcc32/shared if it was built with
       dynamically with the gcc32 flavor.  gpt-pkg retrieves these files and
       copies them back to their proper location before packaging them.  Thus
       gpt-pkg will also overwrite these files as it archives the different
       flavors of a pgm package.


               Specify the directory in which the installed files currently
               live.  If this argument is not supplied, the value of the
               environment variable GLOBUS_LOCATION is used instead.

       -all    Packages all of the binaries in an installation.

       -native Creates a package in the native packaging format.  Currently
               only rpm is supported.

               This should be set to the path to your GLOBUS_LOCATION.  GPT
               will use a value of "/usr/grid" if this option is not

               Provides an alternate copyright label for the rpms. The default
               is whatever GPT was configured with.

               Prints out all of the build messages.

               Appends all of the build messages to FILE. This option also
               sets -verbose.

       -help   Print a brief help message and exits.

       -man    Prints the manual page and exits.

               Prints the version of GPT and exits.

pgm and pgm_static packages

       gpt-build copies the files for these packages in a flavored location
       because different flavors of these types of packages will conflict with
       each other.  gpt-pkg restores these files when it packages pgm and
       pgm_static types.


       gpt-bundle(8) gpt-install(8) gpt-build(8)


       Michael Bletzinger <> and Eric Blau