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       gpt-flavor-configuration - Permutes the build flavor choices found in
       the flavor configuration file.


       gpt-flavor-configuration [-installdir=<DIR> -standard -all
       -conf=<flavor configuration file>]


       gpt-flavor-configuration produce a list of build flavors.  The default
       is a list of installed flavors.  If the -standard or -all flags are
       used then the script permutes the flavor choices listed in the flavor
       configuration file. The file
       $GPT_LOCATION/share/globus/globus_flavor_labels.conf is the default.
       The possible fields for a flavor are described in the file


       -conf="flavor configuration file"
               Permute the choices found in this file rather than the default.

       -all    Permute all possible flavor choices..

               Permute the standard flavor choices.

       -help   Print a brief help message and exits.

       -man    Prints the manual page and exits.

               Prints the version of GPT and exits.


       Michael Bletzinger <> and Eric Blau