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       geordi - IRC bot that compiles and runs C++ code snippets.


       geordi [-h]


       Geordi  is  an  IRC bot program that compiles and (optionally) runs C++
       code snippets. It is intended to be used as a demonstration  tool  when
       teaching or discussing C++ on IRC.

       A  Geordi  bot  by  the  name  ‘geordi’  is  present on Freenode in the
       channels ##iso-c++, ##c++, and #geordi. It is referred  to  as  ‘Geordi
       prime’  to  avoid  confusion  with the software. This manual was mostly
       written with geordi prime in mind.  Other  geordi  instances  may  have
       altered usage syntaxes, preludes, compiler flags, rules, etc.

       By  default,  Geordi  joins  the  #geordi  channel  on the Freenode IRC
       network with a pseudo-random nickname  chosen  at  package-installation
       time  to avoid collisions. Further configuration of the software can be
       achieved by editing the files in the /etc/geordi directory.


       Geordi runs in a ptrace’d, minimal chroot environment but needs root to
       perform  the  intial  chroot(2)  syscall.  You  should consult Geordi’s
       homepage ( or the extensive notes  in  the
       upstream tarball for more information.

       The chroot can be generated using the geordi-refresh-chroot(8) command.


       geordi accepts the following options:

       -h     Show summary of options.


       geordi-refresh-chroot(8) geordi-local(8)




       Eelis van der Weegen <>

       This manual page was written by  Chris  Lamb  <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                               December 23, 2007