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       faubackup - Backup System using a Filesystem for Storage


       faubackup-find [--noregexp] [regexp]...


       faubackup-find  searches for files in the current directory, and prints
       their name to standard-output.  That output is  intended  to  be  piped
       through faubackup-gather, in order to build a backup.

       faubackup-find  is  a  lot  like  ’find  .  -depth  -print0’,  with one
       additional feature: you can specify a filter list of files  to  ignore.
       When a directory matches one of these filters, the whole directory gets
       ignored (like in find without -depth).

       As the output is relative to the current directory, so are the filters.
       You can’t use absolute paths here.

       You  can  specify  these  filters  using  one  of  these  two  formats:
       shell-like  and  perl-regexp.  Shell-like  filters  have  ’*’  and  ’?’
       Wildcards.   In   addition  to  most  shells,  faubackup-find   filters
       understand  a  special  ’**’  Wildcard,   matching   everything,   even
       subdirectories. For example, ’**/,*’ matches all files beginning with a
       comma, in all subdirectories, while ’*~’  only  matches  files  in  the
       current directory that end with a tilde.  The second form, Perl regexps
       can be used  by  prepending  them  with  ’REGEXP:’.   As  Perl  regular
       expressions  may be used for malicous things, it is possible to disable
       all Perl regexps via the command line option --noregexp.

       Both types of filters are matched against the relative  path  of  files
       (with  an implicit ^ at the beginning and $ at the end).  A filter that
       begins with ’**/’ is handled specially and also matches  files  in  the
       current directory, although these files don’t have a / in their path.

       Filter expressions are read from the command line and from .faubackuprc
       files in each subdirectory.  Those specified at the  command  line  are
       matched  against  every  file,  while  those read from a directory only
       affect that directory (and subdirectories eventually).


              Disable perl regular expressions in ignore lists.

       --one-file-system, -L
              Don’t traverse into other file systems.


              Configuration for faubackup-find. Lines  beginning  with  #  are
              comments.   faubackup-find  recognizes  lines  that  start  with
              ’Ignore’, specifying a filter for  that  directory.   All  files
              matching  that  filter  will be ignored.  Example: ’Ignore **.o’
              ignores all object files in all subdirectories.


       Please report all bugs to

       Man-pages may be confusing ;-).  Please  send  your  ideas/comments  to
       help improve faubackup.


       faubackup(8), find(1),


       FauBackup is Copyright (c) 2000-01 Dr. Volkmar Sieh, (c) 2000-06 Martin
       Waitz.  Developed at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

       FauBackup  comes  with  ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software;
       you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the  terms  of  the  GNU
       General  Public  License  as published by the Free Software Foundation;
       either version 2, or (at your  option)  any  later  version.   Look  at
       COPYING for details.


       This manual page was written by Martin Waitz <>.


                                March 10, 2003                    FAUBACKUP(8)