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       esmtpd - The Courier mail server mail server ESMTP daemon


       esmtpd {start}

       esmtpd {stop}

       esmtpd {restart}

       esmtpd-msa {start}

       esmtpd-msa {stop}

       esmtpd-msa {restart}


       The command "esmtpd start" runs couriertcpd in the background,
       listening on the SMTP port.  couriertcpd will run courieresmtpd in
       response to connection requests.

       The command "esmtpd stop" stops the couriertcpd daemon, shutting down
       the ESMTP service.

       The command "esmtpd-msa start" starts the server on the message
       submission port, port 587. "esmtpd-msa stop" stops it. The difference
       between esmtpd and esmtpd-msa is that the latter is set up for
       additional processing as defined by RFC 2476 (mainly that the messages
       will have the Message-ID: and Date: headers added, by default).

       Normally, makesmtpaccess(8)[1] automatically runs "esmtpd restart", in
       order to reread the /etc/courier/smtpaccess.dat access file, so you
       donĀ“t have to do it manually, yourself. Similarly, makesmtpaccess-
       msa(8)[1] automatically runs esmtpd-msa restart


           This configuration file initializes various settings for

           This configuration file initializes the settings for courieresmtpd
           when invoked by esmtpd-msa. Note that this file is used to override
           the settings /etc/courier/esmtpd. The command "esmtpd-msa start"
           first reads /etc/courier/esmtpd, then afterwards
           /etc/courier/esmtpd-msa. Any settings in esmtpd-msa override the
           corresponding settings in esmtpd


       couriertcpd(8)[2], makesmtpaccess(8)[1].


        1.  makesmtpaccess(8)
           [set $man.base.url.for.relative.links]/makesmtpaccess.html

        2.  couriertcpd(8)
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