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       domain - nnrpd domain resolver


       domain domainname


       This program can be used in readers.conf to grant access based on the
       subdomain part of the remote hostname.  In particular, it only returns
       success if the remote hostname ends in domainname.  (A leading dot on
       domainname is optional; even without it, the argument must match on
       dot-separated boundaries).  The "username" returned is whatever initial
       part of the remote hostname remains after domainname is removed.  It is
       an error if there is no initial part (that is, if the remote hostname
       is exactly the specified domainname).


       The following readers.conf(5) fragment grants access to hosts with
       internal domain names:

           auth internal {
               res: "domain .internal"
               default-domain: ""

           access internal {
               users: "*"
               newsgroups: example.*

       Access is granted to the example.* groups for all connections from
       hosts that resolve to hostnames ending in ".internal"; a connection
       from "foo.internal" would match access groups as "".


       It seems the code does not confirm that the matching part is actually
       at the end of the remote hostname (e.g., "domain:" would
       match the remote host "" by ignoring the trailing
       ".org" part).

       Does this resolver actually provide any useful functionality not
       available by using wildcards in the readers.conf(5) hosts parameter?
       If so, the example above should reflect this functionality.


       This documentation was written by Jeffrey M. Vinocur <>.

       $Id: domain.pod 8200 2008-11-30 13:31:30Z iulius $


       nnrpd(8), readers.conf(5)