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       dkim-stats - output dkim-milter statistics


       dkim-stats file


       The dkim-stats utility reads from a dkim-filter statistics database and
       dumps the data therein to  standard  output.   It  takes  as  its  only
       argument  the  path  to  this  database.   The  dkim-filter  statistics
       gathering is  disabled  by  default,  but  can  be  enabled  through  a
       Statistics  entry  in  /etc/dkim-filter.conf.   This  is  currently  an
       undocumented feature of the dkim-milter package which must  be  enabled
       by a compile-time option.


       dkim-stats  groups  statistics  output  by domain and canonicalization.
       Each line begins with a domain and a header/body canonicalization.  The
       canonicalization  is  currently the raw enumerated value taken from the
       libdkim headers; for reference, 0 = simple, 1 = relaxed, and 2 = noswp.
       This format looks like:

       domain:x/x     x pass/x fail, last v=x, l=x, a=x, date

       For each line, the following statistics are shown:

       number pass/number fail
              Count of passes and failures

       last v=version
              Most recent DKIM signature version seen; this is another integer
              code starts at  0  and  goes  through  5,  with  higher  numbers
              representing   more   recent   versions   of   the   draft  DKIM

              A boolean indicating whether  or  not  the  most  recent  signed
              message had an "l=" tag in its signature.

              Most recent algorithm seen (0 = rsa-sha1; 1 = rsa-sha256)

       date   Last date a signed message was seen

EXAMPLES  212 pass/0 fail, last v=2, l=0, a=0, Sat May  5 17:42:58
       2007,  using  canonicalization  relaxed/relaxed  ,  has  sent  212
       messages  that  passed  signature  verification and 0 that failed.  The
       most recently seen signature version was 2 ,  the  most  recently  seen
       signature algorithm was rsa-sha1 , and the last message did not include
       a length tag.  The most  recent  message  was  seen  on  2007/05/05  at
       17:42:58 in the server’s local time zone.


       The output of dkim-stats is subject to change.  Please be aware of this
       when upgrading to  future  releases,  especially  if  you  develop  any
       scripts that consume the output.




       This  man page covers the dkim-stats that shipped with version 2.8.0 of


       This original version of this man page was contributed by Mike  Markley
       <> for the Debian project.

                                  10 May 2007