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       dirvish-expire - delete expired dirvish images




       Delete dirvish image trees or whole images that have expired.

       Each  image  summary  file  is  checked for the Expire: field.  If that
       field indicates the image has expired dirvish-expire will  delete  that
       image from the vault.

       By  default  all  subdirectories of all banks will be treated as vaults
       and all directories therein  except  the  one  named  dirvish  will  be
       checked for summary files.

       The removal of an image will have no effect on other images.

       Dirvish-expire  will  not  delete an image unless it finds at least one
       image in that branch that has an intact image tree and Status:  success
       in the summary that is not expired.


       Each  option  on the command line may be specified any number of times.
       Those options that support lists in the config  files  will  accumulate
       all  of  their arguments otherwise each specification will override the
       ones before.

       Each option may be unambiguously abbreviated.

       --time time_expression
              Execute as though time_expression were the current time.

              Time_expression is processed by Time::Parsedate(3pm) so relative
              time  and  date strings are permitted.  See Time::Parsedate(3pm)
              for more details.

       --tree Only delete the image tree, leave in place the rest of the image
              directory  with  summary, log and any other image administrative

       --vault vault
              Restrict expiration to the specified vault.

              Don’t actually  do  anything.   Just  display  what  would  have

              Run quietly, only report errors.

              Normally dirvish-expire will report the images deleted.


       To facilitate further automation and integration of dirvish-expire with
       other tools dirvish-expire provides rationalised exit codes.  The  exit
       codes  are range based.  While the code for a specific error may change
       from one version to another it will remain within the specified  range.
       So  don’t  test for specific exit codes but instead test for a range of
       values.  To the degree  possible  higher  value  ranges  indicate  more
       severe errors.

       0      success

              An error was encountered in loading a configuration file.

              An error was detected in the configuration.

       255    Incorrect usage.


              alternate master configuration file.

              master configuration file.

              image creation summary.

              actual image of source directory tree.




       Dirvish-expire  will  walk  the  file  hierarchy  of  all  banks or the
       specified vault looking for summary  files.   Anything  non-dirvish  in
       there may cause excess file-walking.