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       debsums_init - Initialize md5sums files for packages lacking them




       debsums_init  will look for packages that did not install their md5sums
       files. Then, it will generate  those  md5sums  files  from  the  binary
       packages downloaded via APT if available.

       This  initialization  process  is  needed since there are many packages
       which do not ship md5sums file in their binary packages.  If you enable
       auto-gen  option  while installing debsum package, you need to run this
       debsums_init command only once after you install the debsums package.

       debsums_init needs to be invoked as superuser.

       You may wish to clear local package cache prior to running debsums_init
       command  to  make  sure you are creating from the untainted packages by

            apt-get clean


       Osamu Aoki <>