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       cwnnkill - To terminate the cserver.


       cwnnkill  [-L lang ]  [ hostname ]




       To terminate the cserver.
       If  hostname  is  given,  the  cserver  at  the  specified host will be

       If no hostname is given,  "cwnnkill"  will  terminate  the  cserver  of
       UNIX_domain.  This is the cserver specified in the environment variable
       CSERVER.  If this environment variable  is  not  specified,  "cwnnkill"
       will terminate the cserver of the local machine.

       If  some  other  front-end processors are still using the cserver to be
       killed, the current usage condition of the cserver will be  shown,  and
       termination will fail.


       -L     To  specify the language name which is referred during selection
              of cserver.  If no lang is specified, the one specified  by  the
              environment variable LANG will be used.  The default is "zh_CN".


       The hostname inside [ ] shown in the Command Format indicates  that  it
       is  optional.   If  this  option  is  not required, "cwnnkill" alone is
       sufficient to terminate the cserver.

                                  13 May 1992