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       cwdaemon - morse daemon for the serial or parallel port


       cwdaemon [options] ...


       Cwdaemon  is  a  small daemon which uses the pc parallel or serial port
       and a simple transistor switch to output morse code  to  a  transmitter
       from a text message sent to it via udp port 6789.


       -d <device> Use a different device for keying.

       -h Show summary of options.

       -n Do not fork and print debug information to stdout.

       -p <port> Use a different UDP port number (default = 6789).

       -P <priority> Set cwdaemon priority, -20 to 20 (default = 0).

       -s <speed> Set speed, value larger than 4 (default = 24).

       -t <time> Set PTT delay, value from 0 to 50 ms (default = 0).

       -v <volume> Set volume for soundcard output.

       -V Output version information and exit.

       -w <weight> Set weighting, value from -50 to 50 (default = 0).

       -x <sdevice> Set sound device to be used.


       Any  serial  device that supports getting and setting the modem control
       lines can be used.  On Linux, ttyS0, ttyS1, etc. will work.  On FreeBSD
       these  devices  are known as ttyd0, ttyd1, etc.  On OpenBSD, these same
       devices are known as tty00, tty01, etc., but may vary with platform.

       For parallel ports on Linux try parport0 (default) or parport1, and  on
       FreeBSD,  ppi0 (default), ppi1, etc.  OpenBSD does not support parallel
       port operation, and defaults to ’tty00’.

       For completeness, a  ’null’  device  is  provided.   This  device  does
       exactly nothing (no rig keying, no ssb keying, etc.).


       Sdevice should be one of ’c’ (console), ’s’ (soundcard), ’b’ (both), or
       ’n’ (none).  The default is console, which is the PC speaker.


       The provided README in /usr/share/cwdaemon for  a  description  of  the
       circuitry, usage and testing of cwdaemon.


       Cwdaemon  was  written  by  Joop  Stakenborg  <pg4i at>, Rein
       Couperus <pa0r at>, Wolf-Ruediger Juergens, DL2WRJ <WJuergens
       at> and Ladislav Vaiz, OK1ZIA <ok1zia at>. Cwlib
       is taken and adapted from the unixcw  package,  version  2.2  by  Simon
       Baldwin,  G0FRD.   FreeBSD  support  mostly done by Diane Bruce, VA3DB.
       OpenBSD support by Jason L. Wright, AI4JW.

       Code maintainer for cwdaemon is Joop, pg4i at