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       cvtbatch - Convert Usenet batch files to INN format


       cvtbatch [-w items]


       cvtbatch reads standard input as a sequence of lines, converts each
       line, and writes it to standard output.  It is used to convert simple
       batch files that contain just the storage API token of an article to
       INN batch files that contain additional information about each article.

       Each line is taken as a storage API token indicating a Usenet article.
       Only the first word of each line is parsed; anything following
       whitespace is ignored.  Lines not starting with a valid token are also
       silently ignored.

       If the input file consists of a series of message-IDs, then use
       grephistory with the -s flag piped into cvtbatch.


       -w items
           The -w flag specifies how each output line should be written.  The
           items for this flag should be chosen from the "W" flag items as
           specified in newsfeeds(5).  They may be chosen from the following

               b    Size of the article in bytes.
               f    Storage API token of the article (same as "n").
               m    Article message-ID.
               n    Storage API token of the article.
               t    Arrival time of the article as seconds since epoch.

           The default is "nm", that is to say the storage API token followed
           by the message-ID of the article.


       Written by Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews.  Converted
       to POD by Julien Elie.

       $Id: cvtbatch.pod 8776 2009-11-15 09:24:06Z iulius $


       grephistory(1), newsfeeds(5).