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       ctcs-newburn - generate a CTCS burn profile, and run the burnin


       ctcs-newburn [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the ctcs-newburn command.

       ctcs-newburn  examines the hardware of the running system, writes out a
       .tcf file, and then invokes ctcs to execute the burnin test suite.

       This program should only be run as root, as some tests  involve  direct
       access  to  hardware.  Also, while well-behaved hardware shouldnt have
       any problems, marginal  or  improperly  installed  hardware  may  cause
       system  crashes  or  even suffer damage due to the use of this program.
       Also, due to the extremely heavy load  produced,  this  program  should
       never be run on a live system.

       In  general, you should only have to give ctcs-newburn a single option,
       the duration you wish to run the test for (such as "5h"  or  "3d",  for
       "five  hours"  and "three days", respectively).  Even this is optional;
       without it, the test will run continuously until stopped.  A  range  of
       other  options are available to fine-tune the test suite generated, but
       all options are simply passed to the ctcs-newburn-generator command, so
       you should examine that program’s manual page for more details.


       ctcs(1), ctcs-newburn-generator(1).


       CTCS  was  written  by  Jason  T. Collins <> for VA
       Linux Systems.

       This manual page was written by Matt Palmer  <>,  for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                 July 16, 2009