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       cname - prints the name of the encrypted file


       cname [ -3bms ] [ -v ]


       cname  prompts  for a passphrase and reads, from standard input, a list
       of CFS encrypted file names (e.g., "51051f97e31613b7").   It  produces,
       on  standard  output,  a  corresponding  list  of  cleartext names.  By
       default, names are decrypted using standard 2-key hybrid  mode  single-
       DES.   The  -3  option  specifies  2-key  hybrid  mode  triple DES.  -m
       specifies 1-key hybrid MacGuffin. -s  specifies  SAFER-SK128.   The  -v
       option includes the ciphertext names in the output.

       All  names  must  be  specified  one per input line, as individual path
       components (full path names are not accepted).  If  a  name  cannot  be
       decrypted to printable characters, "???" is printed in its place.  This
       is the only way to detect an incorrect passphrase.

       cname is intended to assist in making sense of CFS directories when  no
       CFS  daemon  is  available.   It  is also useful in locating files from




       Does not work with new format (1.3 and later) directories.

       The program is easily confused by slightly wrong input.   It  would  be
       better  if  it  could  transparently  translate  the  output from other
       programs such as ls(1), tar(1) and dump(8).


       Matt Blaze; for information on cfs, email to