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       cmds - ceph metadata server daemon


       cmds -i name [ --rank rank ] [ --shadow rank ]


       cmds  is  the  metadata  server  daemon  for  the Ceph distributed file
       system.  One or more instances of cmds  collectively  manage  the  file
       system namespace, coordinating access to the shared OSD cluster.

       Each  cmds daemon instance should have a unique name.  The name is used
       to identify daemon instances in the ceph.conf.

       Once the daemon has started, the monitor cluster will  normally  assign
       it a logical rank, or put it in a standby pool to take over for another
       daemon that crashes.  If a specific rank may be optionally specified on
       the command line, the daemon will be assigned that rank, or will be put
       in a separate standby queue specifically for that rank.


       --mds rank
              Start up as (or  standby  for)  the  given  MDS  rank.   If  not
              specified,  a  rank  will  be  assigned  by the monitor cluster.
              --shadow rank Shadow a the given MDS rank.  The  given  MDS  log
              will be replayed, checking for recovery errors.

       -D     Debug  mode:  do not daemonize after startup (run in foreground)
              and send log output to stdout.

       -f     do not daemonize after startup (run in foreground), but  log  to
              the usual location.  Useful when run via crun(8).

       -c ceph.conf, --conf=ceph.conf
              Use   ceph.conf   configuration  file  instead  of  the  default
              /etc/ceph/ceph.conf  to  determine  monitor   addresses   during

       -m monaddress[:port]
              Connect   to  specified  monitor  (instead  of  looking  through


       cmon is part of the Ceph distributed file system.  Please refer to  the
       Ceph wiki at for more information.


       ceph(8), cmon(8), cosd(8)