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       clone_member - Clone a Mailman subscriber address


       clone_member [options] fromoldaddr tonewaddr


       Cloning  a member address means that a new member will be added who has
       all the same options and passwords  as  the  original  member  address.
       Note  that this operation is fairly trusting of the user who runs it --
       it does no verification to the new address, it  does  not  send  out  a
       welcome message, etc.

       The  existing member's subscription is usually not modified in any way.
       If you want to remove the old address, use the -r flag.   If  you  also
       want to change any list admin addresses, use the -a flag.


       -l listname, --listname=listname
              Check  and  modify  only  the named mailing lists.  If -l is not
              given, then all mailing lists  are  scanned  from  the  address.
              Multiple -l options can be supplied.

       -r, --remove
              Remove  the  old  address  from the mailing list after it's been

       -a, --admin
              Scan the list admin addresses for the old address, and clone  or
              change them too.

       -q, --quiet
              Do the modifications quietly.

       -n, --nomodify
              Print  what  would  be done, but don't actually do it.  Inhibits
              the 0

       fromoldaddr (`from old address')  is  the  old  address  of  the  user.
       tonewaddr (`to new address') is the new address of the user.


       Author  of  Mailman  is the Mailman Cabal, see for
       information.   This   manpage   is   written   by   Tollef   Fog   Heen
       <> for Debian, but may be used by others.


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