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       clamav-unofficial-sigs - Download, test, and install third-party ClamAV
       signature databases.


       clamav-unofficial-sigs [options]


       clamav-unofficial-sigs is  a  script  that  updates  the  SaneSecurity,
       MSRBL,  SecuriteInfo,  MalwarePatrol,  and  OITC  third-party signature
       databases for ClamAV.


       This script follows the standard GNU command line syntax.  A summary of
       the options is shown below.

       -b     Add   a   bypass  signature  entry  to  local.ign  in  order  to
              temporarily resolve a false-positive issue  with  a  third-party
              signature.   The  script  will  monitor  any entries it makes to
              local.ign and will automatically remove bypass entries if either
              the  original  signature  has  been modified or removed from the

       -c FILE-NAME
              Source configuration information from a different file.

       -d     Decode a hexadecimal encoded string or an individual ClamAV 3rd-
              party  signature  for  viewing.   This  will  not  decode  image
              signatures nor the official signatures.

       -e     Encode a entire input string in hexadecimal for signature  usage
              in any *.ndb database.

       -f     Encode  a  formated  input  string  in hexadecimal that contains
              spacing field ’{}, (), *’, without encoding the spacing  fields,
              for signature usage in any ’*.ndb’ database.

       -g FILE-NAME
              Verify  the  GPG  signature for a specific SaneSecurity database
              file.  Only specify the filename as listed in the  configuration
              file and the script will search for it in the work directory.

       -h     Print the script help and usage information.

       -i     Print system and script configuration information.

       -m     Make  a hexadecimal signature database file (*.ndb) from a clear
              text ascii file.  Provides support for both full  and  formatted
              signatures.   Additional  information is provided when using the

       -r     Remove  the  clamav-unofficial-sigs  script  and  all   of   its
              associated  files,  databases  and  work  directories  from  the

       -s FILE-NAME
              Test the integrity of  a  third-party  signature  database  with
              clamscan.    Only   specify   the  filename  as  listed  in  the
              configuration file and the script will search for it in the work

       -t     If   HAM   directory   scanning   is  enabled  in  the  script’s
              configuration file, then output the  names  of  any  third-party
              signatures that triggered during the HAM directory scan.

       -v     Print the script version and date information.


       clamd(8), clamscan(1)


       Bill Landry <>


       BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution)


       Report bugs to Bill Landry <>


       Bill Landry <>