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       cdpr - Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter


       cdpr  [-h]  [-t  seconds  ]  [-d  device ] [-u server-config-file ] [-l
       location ] [-n hostname ] [-s server ] [-p script-path ]


       cdpr listens  on  specified  network  interfaces  for  Cisco  Discovery
       Protocol  packets.  It  then  decodes  those  packets  and  outputs the
       information,  optionally  sending  the  information  to  a  server  for


       -d device
              Specify device to use (eth0, hme0, etc.)

       -h, -?, --help
              Print the usage.

       -t seconds
              Time in seconds to abort waiting for a packet (should be > 60)

       -v[vv] Set verbose mode.

       -u server-config-file
              Send    cdpr    information    to    a    cdpr    server.    See

       -l location
              Location/description of this port; for use with -u or -s and -p.

       -n hostname
              Override the hostname reported to the server; for use with -u or
              -s and -p.

       -s server
              Server to send  information  to,  specify  port  with  a:  after
              server/IP.   Example: (default: 80) requires -p
              (overridden by -u)

       -p script-path
              Path of server script to send data to; requires  -s  (overridden
              by -u)


       Lance O’Connor <lance at ronnoco dot net>

       This  manual page was written by Matt Zagrabelny <mzagrabe at d dot umn
       dot edu>, for the Debian system (but may be used by others).