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       builddbm - users.db compiler


       builddbm [ -hvx ] [ -d directory ] [ -l file ]


       YARD  RADIUS  builddbm  is a program that builds the GDBM format of the
       ‘users’ file, which could be used in conjunction with the radiusd  ‘-b’
       flag.   The  users  file  should  resides in the standard configuration
       directory, as selected at configuration time. It should be run as root.
       Be  also  sure  to  set  mode  600  for the ‘users’ file as well as the
       resulting ‘users.db’.


       -d directory
              Changes the source ‘users’ file directory. The default value  is
              /usr/conf.  The  destination directory of ‘users.db’ is the same

       -h     Prints out usage of the command.

       -v     Prints version information.

       -l file
              Changes the logging file.

       -x     Prints (or should do so) debugging messages while compiling.


              This file contains the human  readable  information  for  users’
              accounting   and  authorization.  See  radius_attributes(5)  for
              details about its syntax.

              The same of the previous one as compiled in by builddbm in  GDBM
              format.  It  needs  to  be  compiled  again  every time you make
              changes to the previous one and without restarting radiusd .

              This read-only file contains the codes and formats for  standard
              and  vendor  RADIUS  protocol  attributes  and values along with
              their human readable representation. It is  subject  to  change,
              due  to new access server supports. It is a plain text file with
              a pletora of comments in it.


       radiusd(8),   radlast(1),    radlist(1),    radtest(1),    radwatch(1),
       radius_attributes(1), gdbm(3)


       Copyright (C) 1992-1999 Lucent Inc. All rights reserved.

       Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Francesco Paolo Lovergine. All rights reserved.

       See the LICENSE file enclosed within this software  for  conditions  of
       use and distribution. This is a pure ISO BSD Open Source License .


       The  syntax  of  the  source users file is not described here.  Please,
       refer to the official  Livingston  documentation,  which  includes  the
       RADIUS for UNIX Administrators Guide.