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       btnx - Button Extension - a GNU/GPL mouse tool for GNU/Linux


       /etc/init.d/btnx start|stop|restart


       btnx  is a daemon that enables rerouting of mouse button events through
       uinput as keyboard and other mouse button  combinations.  For  example,
       you  can  configure  an  extra  mouse  button  to send a Ctrl+Alt+Right
       command to switch workspaces.  This is especially useful for mice  with
       more  buttons  than Gnome or KDE can properly handle, or mice that need
       evdev and a 100 step howto to register button events at all.

       Actually btnx integrates revoco, a  program  that  allows  changing  MX
       Revolution’s  wheel  behavior,  but  in  the  Debian version the revoco
       functionality has been removed because it doesn’t have a clean license.

       btnx  is  best configured by using btnx-config, which is needed anyway.
       btnx requires btnx-config to work,  because  btnx-config  also  detects
       your mouse and its buttons. This combination should work for just about
       any mouse.

       You need to run btnx-config and use it to configure btnx at least once,
       before the btnx-daemon can successfully start.


       btnx was written by Olli Salonen <>.

       This  manual  page  was created by Philipp Huebner <>
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).