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       bnproxy -® proxy daemon


       bnproxy   [-f]   [-d  dumpfile]  [-l  logfile]  [-p  port]  [servername


       bnproxy is a simple daemon which will relay  client  connections  to  a®  server  like  bnetd(8).  It has the capability of saving a
       hexadecimal/ASCII dump of the network  records  (packets)  into  a  log
       file.   Someday  this  command  might be useful for people playing from
       behind a NAT firewall.

       If no servername is specified, localhost is assumed.  If no  serverport
       is specified, 6112 is assumed.


       -d --hexdump
              Put  a  hex dump of packets sent and received into the specified

       -f --foreground
              The  server  normally  acts  as  a  daemon  and  goes  into  the
              background.  This forces the server to run in the foreground.

       -h --help --usage
              Print server usage information and exit.

       -l --logfile
              Put the event log messages into the specified file.

       -p --port
              Listen on the specified TCP and UDP port number.

       -v --version
              Causes bnproxy to print its version number and exit.


       No  support  for  dynamic  UDP  address  determination (SESSIONADDR[12]
       packets) has been  added.   Support  for  multiple  clients  is  broken
       because  the  server  becomes  confused as to which client to relay UDP
       server traffic to.




       Ross Combs (

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