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       backup-manager-upload - Multiprotocol uploader for backup-manager.


       backup-manager-upload [options] date


       backup-manager-upload will upload all the archives generated on the
       given date to the specified host with either ftp or scp.  It’s also
       possible to use this program for uploading data to an Amazon S3
       account.  Some metadates are available like "today" or "yesterday".


           Select the transfer mode to use : ftp, scp, or s3.

           Select a list of remote hosts to connect to.

           Select the user to use for connection.


           Select the ftp user’s password (only needed for ftp transfers).

           Select the ssh private key file to use when opening the ssh session
           for scp transfer.  Obviously, this is only needed for scp transfer
           mode.  If you don’t specify a key file, the user’s default private
           key will be used.

           Select the location on the remote host where files will be
           uploaded.  Default is /backup/uploads.

           Sets the bucket name for the Amazon S3 service backup into.

           Select the local directory where files are.  Default is

           Select the gpg public key for encryptiong the archives when
           uploading with the method ssh-gpg. This can be a short or long key
           id or a descriptive name. The precise syntax is described in the
           gpg man page.

           Just list the files to upload.

           Purge the remote directory before uploading files in FTP mode.

           Purge the remote directory before uploading files in FTP mode.

           Purge the remote directory before uploading files in SSH mode.

           Flag to enable verbose mode.

           Date pattern to select some files to upload, can be a valid date
           (YYYYMMDD) or ’today’ or ’yesterday’.


       If something goes wrong during an upload, backup-manager-upload will
       exit with a non null value. In such a case every error messages are
       sent to STDERR.

       Here are the possible error codes:

       bad command line (wrong arguments) : 10
       FTP transfer failure : 20
       SCP transfer failure : 21
       S3 transfer failure : 22
       Unknown upload method: 23




       Alexis Sukrieh - main code and design

       Brad Dixon - Amazon S3 upload method

       Jan Metzger - ssh-gpg upload method