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       apphbd - Application Heartbeat Monitor for High-Availability Linux


       apphbd [-srkdh] [-c file]


           apphbd is deprecated; its use is strongly discouraged. The
           functionality provided by apphbd has been replaced by
           resource-level monitoring in Pacemaker.

       /usr/lib/heartbeat/apphbd is a basic application heartbeat monitor
       daemon for Linux-HA. A group of Application Heartbeat APIs are defined
       for this heartbeat monitoring service. Applications may register with
       the daemon in order to be monitored. If an application fails to send a
       heartbeat within the specified interval, the daemon will log an event.

       apphbd may use a watchdog timer to monitor itself.

       apphbd extends its functionality by using plugins. A plugin, recmgr
       notifies the recovery manager daemon if certain events occur (e.g. an
       application fails to heartbeat).

       The Recovery Manager daemon (/usr/lib/heartbeat/recoverymgrd) receives
       notification from the recmgr plugin, then it tries to execute recovery
       scripts as configured. See the recoverymgrd default configuration file,
       recoverymgrd.conf for details.

       recoverymgrd registers itself with apphbd as a client application.
       apphbd should be started first with the recmgr plugin loaded. Then,
       recoverymgrd should be configured and started


       The following options are supported:

           Show the status of apphbd, running or stopped.

           Stop (kill) the daemon.

           Restart the daemon.  apphbd will reload its configuration file when

       -d level
           Set the debug level.

           Show a brief usage message.

       -c file
           Set an alternate configuration file. The default configuration file
           is ./ For details on the file format and supported
           options, refer to the example file found in the
           documentation directory.


       ·   /var/run/ – default PID file

       · – Default configuration file for apphbd.  apphbd searches
           the file in its working directory.

       ·   recoverymgrd.conf – default configuration file for recoverymgrd.
           recoverymgrd searches the file in its working directory. An
           alternative configuration file may be specified on the command

       ·   /usr/lib/heartbeat/plugins/AppHBNotification – directory containing
           plugins for apphbd.




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