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       amcheckdump - check the results of an Amanda dump


       amcheckdump config [--timestamp|-t timestamp] [--verbose]
                   [{-o configoption}...]


       Amcheckdump verifies Amanda dump images by reading them from storage
       volume(s) and verifying that the images can be parsed by the
       appropriate application (if available). For example, a GNUTAR image is
       passed to GNU Tar for parsing, and any errors (e.g., corrupt or missing
       data) are noted.

       The application runs on the most recent dump or, if --timestamp is
       specified, on the most recent dump with that timestamp. Note that the
       verification is local to the Amanda server; if the dump application is
       not available, or is configured differently on the server than on the
       client, then the verification will most likely fail.

       If a changer is available, it is used to load the required tapes.
       Otherwise, the application interactively requests the tapes.

       See the "CONFIGURATION OVERRIDE" section in amanda(8) for information
       on the -o option.


       # check the most recent dump
       amcheckdump MYCONFIG

       # check a specific dump from back in ยด78
       amcheckdump MYCONFIG --timestamp 19780615


       amanda(8), :


       amanda(8), amcheck(8)

       The Amanda Wiki: :


       Ian Turner <>
           Zmanda, Inc. (