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       amarchiver - Create, extract or list amanda archive


       amarchiver --version|--create|--extract|--list [--verbose]
                  [--file file] [filename]...


       Amarchiver manipulates amanda archive file. On creation, amarchiver
       doesn´t recurse into directories. If a filename specifies a directory,
       it will be ignored. If it specifies a character device, amarchiver
       reads the device and archives the data. If a filename specifies a named
       pipe, amarchiver reads the named pipe and archives the data.

       Note that this tool is more limited than the Amanda archive library,
       and may not be appropriate for some archive files -- particularly those
       which use non-strings in their filenames.


           print the amarchiver version

           Create an amanda archive. Only the supplied filenames are included.
           With one --verbose, lists the filenames. With two, lists the
           filenames and sizes.

           List the filenames in an amanda archive. No additional filenames
           are allowed on the command line.

           Extract an amanda archive. If filenames are supplied, only those
           files are extracted. Files are created in the current directory,
           suffixed with a dot (´.´) and the attribute ID.

           Give more information.

       --file file
           Create, list or extract from the given file instead of


       amanda(8), amanda-archive-format(5)

       The Amanda Wiki: :


       Dustin J. Mitchell <>
           Zmanda, Inc. (

       Jean-Louis Martineau <>
           Zmanda, Inc. (