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       MkUsers - Batch creating multiple XMail accounts


       MkUsers [options]


       This  command line utility enable You to create user accounts structure
       by giving it a formatted list of users parameters or a  formatted  text
       file.   This  utility can be also used to create a random number users,
       that is useful for me for testing the server performance.


       -a numusers
              Number of users to create in auto-mode.

       -d domain
              Domain name in auto-mode.

       -f inputFile
              Input file name {stdin}.

       -u username
              Radix user name in auto-mode.

       -r rootdir
              Mail root path {./}.

       -s mboxsize
              Mailbox maximum size {10000}.

       -i useridbase
              Base user id {1}.

       -m     Create Maildir boxes.

       -h     show help message.


       Input file format is


       where a character # as the very first one in a line is used to  comment
       the entire line.

       If  a  file already exist in mail root path MkUsers exit
       without overwriting the existing copy.  This protect You by  accidental
       overwriting  of  Your  file  when  playing  inside  the  real MAIL_ROOT
       directory.  So if You want to setup the root directory ( -r  ...  )  as
       MAIL_ROOT  You must delete by hand the existing file.  If You setup the
       root directory ( -r ... ) as MAIL_ROOT  You  MUST  have  XMail  stopped
       before  running  MkUsers.   Existing  files and directories will be not
       overwrited by MkUsers so You can keep Your users db into the  formatted
       text  file  (  or  generate it by a database dump for example ) and run
       MkUsers to create the structure. Remeber that You’ve to add new domains
       in file by hand.


       MkUsers  is intended as a bulk-mode utility, not to create single users
       coz for this need CtrlClnt ( or other GUI/Web configuration utilities )
       is better suited.


       CtrlClnt(1), XMail(8).


       XMail  program was written by Davide Libenzi <>.
       This manual page was written by Radim  Kolar  <>,  for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                March  12, 2002