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       xasteroids - X windows based asteroids style arcade game


       xasteroids [-s]


       Make big rocks into little ones.



        e Left Arrow  Rotate counterclockwise ("left")
        r Right Arrow Rotate clockwise ("right")
        w             Rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise
        t             Rotate 45 degrees clockwise
        d             Increase CCWise rotational velocity
        f             Increase clockwise rotational velocity
        o Up Arrow    Thrust
        p Control     Fire
        ‘ Down Arrow  Shields
        space         Hyperspace
        s             Start new ship in center of playing field
                      (Also used to start a new game)
        esc           Pause
        Q             Quit

       Speed commands: Key associated with faster speed is to the right of its
       corresponding key associated with slower speed.

        .             Decrease delay:  Speed game up
        ,             Increase delay:  Slow the game down
        m             Decrease size   ("Minimize")
        n             Increase size
        b             Increase # of moves/frame
        v             Decrease # of moves/frame
        2             Increase scale of movement
        1             Decrease scale of movement

       Object          Score

        Big asteroid    25, or
                        2000*level if last asteroid remaining
        Medium asteroid 50, or
                        500*level if last asteroid remaining
        Little asteroid 100
        Enemy spaceship 500
        Enemy bullet    500

       Commands can only be entered when the mouse pointer is in the asteroids

       Resize  the window with your window manager at any time for a different
       playing field.


       Phil Goetz


       Peter Phillips <>
       Pat Ryan <>
       Craig Smith <csmith@cscs.UUCP>
       Doug Merritt <>
       Stephen McCamant <>
       James Berg <berg@plains> (makefile)
       Chris Moore <> (hi score script)
       David Partain <> (original man page)