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       vodovod - lead the water from the house to the storage tank




       Vodovod  is  a  free game, released under GNU GPL license. Graphics and
       programming are done by Milan Babuskov. This is an over-weekend project
       for  now,  so  don’t  expect  miracles.  However,  game  is  completely

       The goal of the game is to reach the highest possible score. You get  a
       limited  number of pipes on each level and need to combine them to lead
       the water from the house at the top of the screen to the  storage  tank
       at  the bottom. For each pipe water goes through, you get 20 points and
       if you fill the cross-pipe both ways, you get 60 points. At end of each
       level, you are awarded depending on the skill level:

        * Beginner: 100 points
        * Toolman: 100 points + number of pipes remaining
        * Master plumber: 100 points + 2 x number of pipes remaining

       Some  of  the  levels  have  obstacles  where  you  cannot place pipes,
       checkpoints through which the water must go and  holes  in  the  ground
       that  slow  the  flow. Select HELP from the main menu to get more info.
       The game is playable with  joystick/joypad:  just  move  it  and  press
       buttons when you go to Options -> Configure controls


       The goal of the game is to use pipes to connect the house at the top of
       the screen with the tank at the bottom. You have time to construct  the
       initial pipeline before the man enters the house.

       For   each level you get a limited number of pipes, so use them wisely.
       If you make a mistake, you can place another pipe over it.

       There are certain special blocks in the map:
        * Blocked Area       - You cannot place pipes on these fields.
        * Checkpoint         - Your pipeline must go through this field.
        * Hole in the ground - Slows down the flow.


       You can find more information at

                                   May 2007                         vodovod(6)