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       passage - a game about the passage through life




       Passage  is  a  video game written by Jason Rohrer about navigating the
       maze  that  is  life  and  the  obstacles,  rewards,   disappointments,
       challenges,  relationships and the inevitable departure that is part of
       the adventure of life.

       Passage is an art game. As a result,  some  people  love  it  and  some
       people  hate it. Check out the links to places it has been discussed on
       the website for some of the reactions.

       The mechanics of the game are fairly simple. Your "score" is related to
       two  things;  exploration and treasure. Treasure pieces are represented
       by blue stars that you find in the treasure chests scattered about  the
       maze of life’s challenges. Some chests will be empty, so you must learn
       which sequence of gems on the front of the  chests  means  treasure  is
       inside.   You  have  the  option  to  team up with a spouse. If you do,
       exploring life will be more rewarding but some treasure will no  longer
       be  reachable.   As  in  life, your spouse will die and that death will
       slow you down.  In the end, you will die alone after your 5 minutes  is

       The  most  interesting  part  about this game is the emotions it evokes
       within the player of the game. The ultra-low-res pixel art helps  here,
       by  not  being  too  distracting  and by leaving plenty room for viewer

       The followup to Passage is  Gravitation,  another  art  game  by  Jason


       Passage has no command-line options.

       The arrow keys move the player around.

       The Esc key is used to quit the game.

       The  game  resolution  and  use of fullscreen or a window can be set by
       editing the files in /etc/passage.


       The website and discussion:

       The               game               creators                statement:

                                  March 2008                        passage(6)