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       gtans - Tangram game for X


       gtans [no options]


       Gtans  is  a  tangram  game that runs in X. Tangram is a kind of puzzle
       game where the player has to arrange a set of pieces to match  a  given


            No command-line options
            Use the graphical interface to customize the program. See below.


       move  the  pieces  (known as tans) until they match the figure drawn on
       the right window.  You must always use the seven tans and  they  should
       not be laid on top of one another.

       To  move  a tan, click and drag it with left mouse button, for rotation
       click AROUND it.  You can flip the selected tan by right-clicking. This
       is  usefull for the parallelogram tan (all positions can not be reached
       by rotating only).

       If you are a beginner to Tangram you should try the first  10  figures.
       The  other  ones are not sorted, some of them are very difficult (to my

       When a figure has been solved the background color  of  the  silhouette
       area changes. The solved figures are remembered by saving a status file
       in the user’s directory  (~/.gtans/afile.figures.status  for  a  figure
       file called afile.figures)

       Show  a tan This button shows the position of a tan. Each further click
       will display an other tan.

       Show outline Draw the figure in the main area. This makes the game much

       Preferences  Most of this menu’s options allow you to change the colors
       used by the game. For the main area you  may  choose  textures  (pixmap
       files)  instead  of  colors.  Some  sample  files are supplied (I can’t
       remember where I found them) but as the complete pathname is  saved  in
       the  config file you can choose a file located anywhere (for example in
       /usr/share/pixmaps/). On a 8 bits display the colors may not be exactly
       what you want (GTK tries to find the best matching color).

       Preferences/Tans  size/Increase Makes the tans 5 % bigger relatively to
       the game area. If you resize the window the tans size will be scaled.

       Preferences/Tans size/Decrease Makes the tans 4.76 % smaller

       Preferences/Accuracy Changes the precision of  the  comparison  between
       the  tans  position  and  the solution. A lower accuracy makes the game
       more easy.

       Preferences/Rotation Step by step allows only rotation by increment  of
       11.5  degrees.   Continuous  rotation makes the game more difficult and
       you probably shouldn’t use it unless you really dislike  step  by  step

       Preferences/Figures file Allows you to choose another figures file.

       Preferences/Save   config  Save  a  config  file  in  the  user’s  home

       Misc/Clear figure status Set the current figure as unsolved.

       Misc/Clear all figures status Set all the loaded figures (i.e. from the
       current figure file) as unsolved.


            ~/.gtans/.gtansrc            Configuration options for gtans.  All
       of  these options can be set from the interface,  there  should  be  no
       need to edit this file.

            ~/.gtans/somename.figures.status            Status files (for each
       figures file the user played  with)  remenbering  which  figures  where


            The    gtans    homepage    at    <>.
            Additional information and documentation  can  also  be  found  in
       /usr/share/doc/gtans/ .


       The author of gtans is Philippe Banwarth <>

                                 February 2000                        gtans(6)