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       game-data-packager - build a .deb of game data


       game-data-packager [ -d out-directory [ -n ] ] game [ game-options ]


       Many open-source games require game data which is licensed incompatibly
       with the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  game-data-packager is a tool
       designed  to  help you locally assemble Debian packages containing such
       game data from CD-ROMs, the Internet or elsewhere.   game-data-packager
       uses  dpkg  via sudo to install the generated Debian package(s) (unless
       you tell it not to).


       -d out-directory
              writes the generated Debian package to the specified  directory.

       -n     Do  not  attempt  to  install the generated Debian package. This
              option must be used in conjunction with -d.

       game   The game  being  packaged.  Running  game-data-packager  without
              arguments   will   display   a  list  of  valid  games.  Running
              game-data-packager with just the game and no  further  arguments
              will display a list of valid options for that game.




       Copyright © 2008 Jon Dowland <>.
       Thanks   to   Branden   Robinson   for  his  ‘Write  the  Fine  Manual’
       presentation,               once                found                at

                                  2008-07-14             game-data-packager(6)