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       exult - an engine for running Ultima VII


       exult [options]


       Exult is an engine built for running Ultima VII. It started its life as
       a map-browser for Ultima VII and has evolved from there, thanks to  the
       open  source-model and contributions of time and code from many people.

       You cannot use Exult without game data  files.  At  present,  the  only
       finished  games are Origin’s Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII,
       Part 2: The Serpent Isle. In any case, both Ultima VII’s  are  some  of
       the  best  computer  Role-Playing-Games  made to date. Check your local
       computer dealer’s bargain bin or an online auction site. Ultima VII can
       still be purchased for only a few dollars. Run out and buy it!

       There  is  a  world  editor  available  to create your own games: Exult
       Studio. Check the exult homepage (URL below) for more information.


       -h, --help
              Show the available command-line options

       -v, --version
              Display (detailed) Exult version information

       -c configfile
              Specify an alternate configuration file to load

       --bg   Skip the main Exult menu and run Black Gate

       --si   Skip the main Exult menu and run Serpent Isle

              Skip the game menu for BG/SI

       --buildmap type
              Create a fullsize map of the current gameworld.  If  type  =  0,
              paint all roofs. If type = 0, skip second-floor roofs. If type =
              2, don’t paint any roofs. You also need to specify --bg or --si.

              Skip  the  CRC check of the .flx datafiles. Only use this if you
              modified them yourself without recompiling exult


       See the README supplied with exult for information on this  (Note:  you
       NEED this configuration file to set up and run the game).


       For more help and information with exult go to:

       Ultima  itself remains the property of Origin Systems, Inc.  Ultima VII
       (The Black Gate) is copyright Origin  Systems,  Inc.  Ultima  VII  (The
       Serpent Isle) is copyright Origin Systems, Inc. The Exult Team is in no
       way affiliated with Origin Systems, Inc., Electronic  Arts,  and  those
       companies  probably neither know nor care about Exult. Don’t go bugging
       them if you have problems. Bug the Exult Team instead.


       There are always bugs. Please report them at:
              (be sure to mention information about your operating system, and
              which version of exult you are running)


       The Exult Team

                                 July 22, 2003                        exult(6)