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       emp_hub - Empire multiplexer


       emp_hub [-persistent] [-debug] [-help] [-mirror] host port localport


       emp_hub  allows  multiple clients to simultaneously connect to a single
       Empire country.  This allows you to use both a fast and a smart  client
       simultaneously.  It also permits multiple corulers to log in at once.

       host        Hostname of the upstream server.

       port        TCP/IP  port number the empire server is running on.

       localport   TCP/IP port number the emp_hub should listen to  for
                   incoming client connections.

       -mirror     Copy  commands  and replies to all clients using new
                   protocols.  Currently only the lafe client is  aware
                   of  these protocols, though most clients will ignore

       -persistent Normally  emp_hub  exits  after  the   last   client
                   disconnects.   With  this  option  emp_hub  does not
                   exit, and will wait  for  new  clients  to  connect.
                   emp_hub  must  be  killed by the user using the kill

       -help       Brief usage information.

       -debug      Print lots of messages,  including  everything  sent
                   and  received  by  a  client.  Useful when debugging
                   either emp_hub , a client, or the server.


       emp_server(6),  emp_client(6),   emp_hub(6),   pei(6),   eif(6),,


       Due to the nature of the empire protocol, only  one  client  may
       have  input  focus at one time.  If a client pauses at a context
       sensitive prompt from the server,  all  other  clients  will  be
       unable to send data.


       This    manual    page    was    written   by   Drake   Diedrich