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       burgerspace - A hamburger-smashing video game




       BurgerSpace  is  a  game  where  you  are a chef and you must walk over
       hamburger ingredients (buns, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese)  to  make
       them  fall  from floor to floor, until they end up in the plates at the
       bottom of the screen.  Use the arrow keys to move the chef.

       However, you must do this while  avoiding  terrible  enemies,  such  as
       eggs,  sausages  and  pickles.  You will die if they touch you, but you
       can spray pepper  on  them  with  the  Control  key  to  paralyze  them

       Use those pepper shots sparingly because you only have a limited number
       of them.  Pick up the treat that appears from time to time to obtain  a
       new pepper shot.

       A  two-player  game  is  possible  using  the  (experimental) networked
       version of BurgerSpace.  See the burgerspace-server(6) manual  page  or
       the BurgerSpace Home Page for details.

       Use  the  Escape  key to quit the program.  To pause the game (which is
       only possible in stand-alone mode), use the P key to pause the game and
       to resume it afterwards.


       --help display a help page and exit

              display version information and exit

              Disable the sound effects, which are enabled by default.

              Attempt  to use the full screen mode.  The default is to display
              the game in an ordinary window.

              Use the Z key instead of the Control key to shoot pepper.


              start game at level N.  Default is 1.  N must be at least 1.

              N milliseconds per animation frame.  Default is 55.  Minimum  is
              1.  Maximum is 1000.  50 means 20 frames per second.


              Start  as a client that connects to a BurgerSpace server running
              on the given host or IP address.  Examples:  --server=localhost,
              --server=  If  this  option is not given, the program
              starts as a stand-alone game that does not try to connect to any

              UDP  port  number  on  which  the BurgerSpace server is running.
              This option is only useful with --server.  The default is 49152.


       This  program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms
       of the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.  This
       program has absolutely no warranty.


       Pierre Sarrazin (code)
       Luce St-Amand (most images)


       This  program  uses  the  flatzebra  library, by the same author.  This
       library  is  itself  based   on   the   SDL   graphics   library   (see

       See the BurgerSpace Home Page:

                                May 16th, 2010                  burgerspace(6)