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       asc - Advanced Strategic Command - turn based strategy game


       asc [options]


       This  program is a free (GPL) turn based strategy game in the tradition
       of BattleIsle 2/3. Game can be played against human  or  computer.   It
       features  a  2-dim.  map  that  is  tiled into hexagons where units are
       placed.  The object of the game  varies  from  map  to  map.  The  most
       commonly know goal is to completely eliminate an oppononet by detroying
       all his units.


       The following options are supported:

       -x --xresolution <value> (640... default=800)
                      Set horizontal resolution to <value>

       -y --yresolution <value> (480... default=600)
                      Set vertical resolution to <value>

       -l --load <string>
                      Load a map, saved game, or email game on startup

       -c --configfile <string>
                      Use given configuration file

       -r --verbose <value> (0...10 default=0)
                      Set verbosity level to <value>

       -w --window    Disable fullscreen mode

       -f --fulscreen Enable fullscreen mode (overriding config file)

       -q --nosound   Disable sound

       -h --help      Display help information

       -v --version   Output version


       asc_demount (6),  asc_makegfx  (6),  asc_mapedit  (6),  asc_mount  (6),
       asc_weaponguide (6)


       The ASC game is developed by Martin Bickel <>.
       This  man  page was written by Bartosz Fenski <> (some parts
       were grabbed from  Michael  Moerz’s  work)  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux
       distribution (but it may be used by others).

                                    1.15.0                              asc(6)