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       alex4 - Alex the Allegator 4, a retro platform game


       alex4 [gamefile]


       Guide  Alex  the  Allegator  through  the  jungle  in order to save his
       girlfriend Lola from evil humans who want to make a pair of  shoes  out
       of her.

       Alex  the  Allegator  4  is a platform game in the style of old Gameboy
       games.  You can play the game with a keyboard or a  joystick.   On  the
       keyboard the following keys are used:

       Arrow keys   Movement

       Alt          Jump

       Control      Shoot (only when you’ve found eggs to fire!)

       When you’re on the menu screen, you can choose the window size with the
       following keys:

       1    160x120 window

       2    320x240 window

       3    640x480 window

       4    full-screen


       The Alex the Allegator homepage links to  many  user-contributed  maps.
       Each set should contain several ".map" files and a text file describing
       the collection.  To play the maps, simply start alex4 with the name  of
       the text file as argument.

       If  you  want  to  create  your  own maps, you can use the built-in map
       editor (described below), but you’ll need  to  create  the  description
       file  yourself.   This is a plain text file that needs to list the file
       names of your maps between "#start#" and "#end#" markers (these markers
       are  not  optional).  You can include a description of the maps outside
       these markers.  For example, for a collection of three maps:

              In this game, Alex must rescue the Yellow Tetris Piece from  the
              pirates of Ching Shih.


       Use  the  map  editor  to  create your own maps.  You can enter the map
       editor from the menu screen or by pressing F1 while  playing  a  custom
       map.  The basic editor commands are:

       Shift+L             load an existing map

       Shift+S             save the map

       Insert+Left/Right   widen the map

       Delete+Left/Right   shorten the map

       F1                  change the map’s properties, e.g. its name.

       Maps  are composed of tiles.  Tiles can contain scenery, enemies, items
       and other game objects.  The mouse cursor shows the currently  selected
       tile.  To draw tiles, use the left mouse button.  You can cycle through
       the available tiles by using the z and x keys, choose  a  tile  from  a
       palette using the p key, or pick a tile from the screen using the right
       mouse button.

       Tiles can be given special behavior using the following commands:

       q         instant death

       w         map exit

       e         roll activator

       r         breakable block

       t         submerged in water

       y         on the water surface

       a         Alex’ start location (facing left)

       Shift+A   Alex’ start location (facing right)

       Use the following command to place items and enemies:

       1         extra life

       2         star bonus

       3         cherry bonus

       4         egg

       5         extra heart

       Shift+Q   grunt

       Shift+W   spear grunt

       Shift+E   crusher

       Shift+R   spike fish

       Shift+T   jellyfish

       Shift+Y   cannon

       Shift+U   spike truck boss

       Shift+I   ground pounder boss


       The       Alex       the        Allegator        series        homepage


       Alex the Allegator 4 was written by Johan Peitz, Free Lunch Design.

       This  manual page was written by Peter De Wachter <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                  2008-02-07                          alex4(6)