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       abuse - An SDL port of the Abuse by Crack dot Com.


       abuse [options]


       Abuse  is a port of the classic Crack dot Com side-scroller shoot-em-up
       Abuse.  It uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer API to draw it's  graphics
       and play sound.

       Abuse has the following additional features over the original game:

       Stereo sound with panning.
       Runs at any colour depth from 8bpp to 32bpp.
       Can use a mousewheel for changing weapons.
       Scaling to any resolution.
       Can use OpenGL for hardware accelerated scaling and anti-aliasing.
       Customizable keys.


       Abuse requires the following:

              SDL 1.1.6 or above.

              Datafiles(graphics,  sounds,  maps  etc.) from either Registered
              Abuse, Shareware Abuse, or fRaBs (Free Abuse).


       The following command-line options are available:

              Run Abuse in fullscreen mode.

              Use double-buffering when  blitting  to  the  screen.   This  is
              slower  but  can  reduce image tearing or other artifacts.  Only
              use if you notice any display problems.

       -mono  Use mono sound like the original Abuse. This is faster.

              Disable sound altogether.

       -scale <arg>
              Scale the window by <arg> amount.

       -gl    Enable OpenGL support.

              Enable anti-aliasing. (Only with -gl)


       Abuse can load it's settings from a configuration file  stored  in  the
       users  home  directory.  The file is located at ($HOME/.abuse/abuserc).
       If either the directory or the configuration file don't exist they will
       be created automatically with default values.

       The  configuration  file  contains  various  settings for adjusting how
       Abuse behaves.  Except for key settings, most of the  options  have  an
       equivalent command-line option. Lines starting with a semi-colon(;) are
       ignored as comments.

       The following options are available:

       fullscreen = 1 | 0
              Set starting in fullscreen mode 'on' or 'off'.

       doublebuf = 1 | 0
              Turn double buffering 'on' or 'off'.

       mono = 1 | 0
              Turn mono audio to 'on' or 'off'.

       grabmouse = 1 | 0
              Set locking the mouse to the window 'on' or 'off'.

       scale = <amount>
              Scale the game by the specified amount.

       gl = 1 | 0
              Turn OpenGL support 'on' or 'off'.

       antialias = 1 | 0
              Turn anti-aliasing 'on' or 'off'.

       nosdlparachute = 1 | 0
              Turn SDL handling  segfaults  to  either  'on'  or  'off'.   For
              debugging purposes only.

       The following options are for setting the keys used in the game.  Valid
       values are any letter of the alphabet or number.  Special keys like the
       cursor-keys include:

              LEFT,  RIGHT,  UP,  DOWN, CTRL_L, CTRL_R, ALT_L, ALT_R, SHIFT_L,

       left = <key>
              Move character left.

       right = <key>
              Move character right.

       up = <key>
              Jump or climb up ladders.

       down = <key>
              Use switches, doors, teleports or climb down ladders.

       fire = <key>
              Fire currently selected weapon.

       weapprev = <key>
              Switch to the previous available weapon.

       weapnext = <key>
              Switch to the next available weapon.


       ~/.abuse/abuserc - Abuse configuration file.


       Anthony Kruize <> See  also  the  AUTHORS  file
       included with Abuse.

                                  Abuse 0.7.1                         abuse(6)