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       FcFontSetSort - Add to a font set


       #include <fontconfig.h>

       FcFontSetSort(FcConfig *config);
       (FcFontSet **sets);
       (FcPattern *pattern);
       (FcBool trim);
       (FcCharSet **csp);
       (FcResult *result);


       Returns the list of fonts from sets sorted by closeness to pattern.  If
       trim is FcTrue, elements  in  the  list  which  don’t  include  Unicode
       coverage  not  provided by earlier elements in the list are elided. The
       union of Unicode coverage of all of the fonts is returned  in  csp,  if
       csp   is   not   NULL.  This  function  should  be  called  only  after
       FcConfigSubstitute and FcDefaultSubstitute  have  been  called  for  p;
       otherwise the results will not be correct.

       The  returned  FcFontSet  references  FcPattern structures which may be
       shared by the return value from multiple FcFontSort calls, applications
       cannot  modify  these  patterns.  Instead, they should be passed, along
       with pattern to FcFontRenderPrepare which combines them into a complete

       The   FcFontSet  returned  by  FcFontSetSort  is  destroyed  by  caling


       Fontconfig version 2.8.0

                               18 November 2009               FcFontSetSort(3)